I have neglected you for so long that I feel sad being here. Thanks for being my sponge.

I have moved and I hope I can be a better blogger.



Assalamualaikum beautiful people!

I am in such a jolly mood today despite me looking blah covered in these gruesome looking spots caused by chicken pox. Suprised? Well, I really wasn’t, I was taking care of one patients who had rashes all over her body. Her doctor never confirmed what it was. And so after about 15 days, the virus showed itself. But I am feeling way better now, alhamdulillah! Anyway, back to the jolly mood. Why? Ehe, Maria Elena, one of my favorite bloggers, got married! I am so happy for her. I have been a fan of her blog and vblogs for quite some time now and I truly wish the couple well. :’) And another absolutely favorite blogger of mine replied to my tweet! Sweet, right? Aishah Amin, a beautiful mom-to-be, replied not once but twice! She’s super friendly, just like I felt while reading her blog. A precious fan girl moment inspired me to visit my blog again, and make a short update.

I think I wanna do my blog rounds right after. See you! :)