Overflowing Mixed Emotions, EMO backwards

I feel like my hormones are acting up. @@ Lately I have been feeling all sorts of emotions at once. I am a bowl of overflowing mixed emotions; and I honestly think I need a psychologist. Seriously, I have a feeling I sound like a schizophrenic patient. LOL. Maybe this is because of the stress from work and personal life. It’s been 2 weeks of “silent treatment” between me and my Tita. It was on a Saturday, they (my Tita and my cousin) were gonna go out shopping, and I said I’d come with them. I asked them to give me 5 more minutes to get my wallet. When I got out of my room, they were already a couple meters away. :s I just got really mad, rushed back to my room and changed back to my pambahay. When they got back, I was still a bit pissed.. what I can’t understand was why my Tita suddenly gave me the silent treatment. And it has been like that for 2 long weeks. Everyday, I have been trying to talk to her but I can’t get past trying. We’ve always been close, she’s even like a Mom to me.. I just don’t get this behavior. :(


Moving on..

I don’t know what to do. Help?


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