Overflowing Mixed Emotions, EMO backwards

I feel like my hormones are acting up. @@ Lately I have been feeling all sorts of emotions at once. I am a bowl of overflowing mixed emotions; and I honestly think I need a psychologist. Seriously, I have a feeling I sound like a schizophrenic patient. LOL. Maybe this is because of the stress from work and personal life. It’s been 2 weeks of “silent treatment” between me and my Tita. It was on a Saturday, they (my Tita and my cousin) were gonna go out shopping, and I said I’d come with them. I asked them to give me 5 more minutes to get my wallet. When I got out of my room, they were already a couple meters away. :s I just got really mad, rushed back to my room and changed back to my pambahay. When they got back, I was still a bit pissed.. what I can’t understand was why my Tita suddenly gave me the silent treatment. And it has been like that for 2 long weeks. Everyday, I have been trying to talk to her but I can’t get past trying. We’ve always been close, she’s even like a Mom to me.. I just don’t get this behavior. :(


Moving on..

I don’t know what to do. Help?


A come back

Back from an unexpected hiatus. Hey everybody! *waves*

Things just went completely hectic because of school–I wasn’t sleeping and eating well hence, getting really sleepy and hungry at work. @@ Two more weeks to go and the only thing that’s gonna stop me from blogging is, well of course, my laziness. Hehehe. I have 1 more draft to submit before the final paper presentation in my Academic Writing class and a take home exam in my Nursing Psychiatry class, and Alhamdulillah, it is hello summer! Well, not really an entire fun-just-lazily-bumming-around summer because I have work, but I know happy things are bound to happen this summer.

Anyway, I have been asked by our head nurse to switch teams, and to be honest, I am having MORE fun with my current SICU team, though, I surely miss my previous team. :(( *sigh* Two days ago, after all the charting and bed side care, one of my co-nurses, Sir Eudel, decided to read our palms. Of course, I didn’t want anything to do with that because I don’t believe in such. But because I heard everyone’s destiny and all that shizz, they all agreed it would be totally unfair if they didn’t get to hear mine. It was interesting what he saw.. but only Allah SWT knows what’s in store for us. ♥

Well, time to blog hop! :))