SICU Nurse is Sick

Feverish for 3 days now, no other symptoms observed. @@ So, I religiously took my anti-pyretic medication and started my daily dose of vitamin C. This is not work-related but *drum rolls* school-related. :s I am so stressed by school lately.. I can’t even. Ugh! I am so glad that during my busiest at school, SICU had only 1 patient.


Just giving you a little tour of my workplace. We were down to only 1 patient which is very rare and hence, the photos. :)


Finishing up my master’s requirements after feeding and medicating my patient.

I hope I get better soon. Let’s all be healthyyyy!


12 thoughts on “SICU Nurse is Sick

  1. Oh heck, I hope you feel better soon! That’s not good to be feeling sick when you’re super busy. Try to get some sleep and dress up warm – sweat the fever out. It sounds funny and weird, but it helps a lot!

    Good lucks with everything :)

    • Hi! SICU stands for Surgical Intensive Care Unit. It’s usually 2 staff nurses and 2 nurse volunteers. And it stays that way even though we only have 1 patient. Because most of the time, we get a call from ER or OR informing us of patient/s for transfer to SICU.

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