Fresh set of volunteers~

It was exciting to finally have nurse volunteers in our shift! *smiles* What I love about “fresh” nurse volunteers is their energy and their excitement.. Atat mag-work, at nahawa naman ako. And last night, was one of my busiest duty ever. @@ TOXIC! We had a couple of admissions; and then one of my patients needed CPR and because of the 2 newbies, we were able to revive the patient!

Lighter work was delegated to the newbies. I put them in-charge of the hourly vital signs and intake&output monitoring.. and I realized, now that they’re doing that, it means a bigger responsibility for me. o____o Anyway, since last night was stressful, I am loving my off day today. :) And, and , and.. my first time to play TETRIS BATTLE at Facebook! XD

Oh well, that’s it for today! :)

P.S. Remember Baby Aiyanna? Please whisper a little prayer for her. She just gone thru cardiac angiongram, and this recent update from her FB page:

hi guys, Aiyanna has been transferred to her room at this time .Thank you for all your prayers. It was however found that there is an increased level of hemoglobin and she is recommended for immediate heart operation to prevent further complications. The doctors shall discuss to the family the next steps to take and we shall keep an updated post. The current cash on hand raised from all the fundraisings is not enough to pay for all the expenses she needs. They are short of 300K to cover for the cost of the surgery. If by chance, you know anyone with a good heart to help this family save Aiyanna’s life, please contact Ruby at 09168281820 if in Manila, Marjorie at 09165391235 if in Davao or Shemar at 09178782573 if in Zamboanga. Please share to people that can help in this hour of desperate need to save a sweet child’s heart. We are racing against time to raise this amount. If anyone can lend, our family shall have it returned soonest. thanks

If I had this huge amount of wealth, I’d give it all to her. Guys, please, if you know anyone.. For the mean time, let us all pray for Aiyanna. 


11 thoughts on “Fresh set of volunteers~

  1. Wee.. oo nga mukhang masaya kung madaming volunteer. Mas alive ang area. I haven’t tried tetris battle on facebook though. Ayoko na i-try baka maadik ako. haha

    I will surely pray for Aiyanna

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