Empty words, empty thoughts

Call me the “walking dead.” This week has been boring with the exception of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago who has been blabbering non-stop. Impeachment trial, it’s more fun in the Philippines! XD

Anyway.. on a totally unrelated post.. Do you know JAMICH? Well if you don’t, watch the video below. I think they’re an adorable couple. ♥


6 thoughts on “Empty words, empty thoughts

  1. I know them!! omg! galing nilang kumanta! hahaha :D and agree ako jan! talagang non-stop si Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago! :))) kahit sa DR siya pinapanood namin. LMAO! XD

  2. Dati akala ko banda yung JAMICH. Then pinapanood sakin ng friend ko videos nila. hehe. Yang by chance dance craze nila sikat na haha at natry ko na rin sumayaw nyan unexpectedly haha

  3. Oh m. Those impeachment trials have been in the front page of the newspaper for weeks. Seriously, please stop. (-.-)

    As for Jamich, I haven’t heard of them and this is my first time viewwing their video as well. They are such an adorable couple!
    Thanks for sharing~!

  4. I knew this couple.. looks like they are now sensation in the Philippines huh? don’t have any news about this two married couple.. but I guess their love is an inspiration to many of us.. :)

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