Baby Aiyanna :)

Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatu!

Say hello to Aiyanna (photo above is from her web page), born on October 17, 2011 in Zamboanga City, and is suffering from a rare form of congenital heart defect. Every time she cries, she turns blue which signals lack of oxygen and this is a very critical situation. Recently, Aiyanna has suffered 2 episodes of hypoxic spell which needed immediate medical attention. Her family needs your prayers and your support. A fundraising activity has been initiated to support Aiyanna’s medical expenses, ONE TEE FOR ONE HEART (Raising CHD awareness).


1. by Bank Deposit:

Bank: Banco de Oro
Account Number: 3170119170
Account Name: Ruby Alawi Maali (Aiyanna’s mother)

2. by Facebook:

3. ordering a TEE

and most importantly,

4. offering her your prayers

You can get to know Aiyanna more by visiting her blog IHELP-aiyanna.Let’s us all give our love and support to this little angel, and may God bless all of us always♥


11 thoughts on “Baby Aiyanna :)

  1. I also have a baby girl. And I want to extend my deepest sympathy for alyanna and her parents. :( I’ll pray for your recovery baby. Just stay strong and keep on fighting.

  2. I know about this. I’ve already read this in Facebook. Hope she gets enough donation for her medical attentions. I will keep on praying for her and the rest of the kids suffering from the same fate.

    PS. Happy Chinese New Year to you~!

    <3 Grysh

  3. Aw. I think it’s really hard for her parents to see their kid suffering. :( I can’t really help financially, but I’ll definitely pray for her and will spread the word about this. :s

  4. hi im marjorie and im Aiyanna’s aunt. just dropped by to say thank you very much to everyone here most esp to you sheidz for this wonderful support! God bless you all.

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