Empty words, empty thoughts

Call me the “walking dead.” This week has been boring with the exception of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago who has been blabbering non-stop. Impeachment trial, it’s more fun in the Philippines! XD

Anyway.. on a totally unrelated post.. Do you know JAMICH? Well if you don’t, watch the video below. I think they’re an adorable couple. ♥


Baby Aiyanna :)

Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatu!

Say hello to Aiyanna (photo above is from her web page), born on October 17, 2011 in Zamboanga City, and is suffering from a rare form of congenital heart defect. Every time she cries, she turns blue which signals lack of oxygen and this is a very critical situation. Recently, Aiyanna has suffered 2 episodes of hypoxic spell which needed immediate medical attention. Her family needs your prayers and your support. A fundraising activity has been initiated to support Aiyanna’s medical expenses, ONE TEE FOR ONE HEART (Raising CHD awareness).


1. by Bank Deposit:

Bank: Banco de Oro
Account Number: 3170119170
Account Name: Ruby Alawi Maali (Aiyanna’s mother)

2. by Facebook:

3. ordering a TEE

and most importantly,

4. offering her your prayers

You can get to know Aiyanna more by visiting her blog IHELP-aiyanna.Let’s us all give our love and support to this little angel, and may God bless all of us always♥

Procrastination vs. Myself

I promised to fight off procrastination this year and it’s a shame I have been defeated by this illness on the very first month of the year. @@ I’ll always be at war with procrastination, this has just been the first of many battles to come. Next time around, I’ll gear up and make sure to call victory mine.

Hello my fellow readers! I’m sorry for not updating my blog for reason stated above. Well, I am pretty sure I am not the only one struggling with being lazy and all. I just hope there’s a cure for laziness. :/ Hmmm, I have been going over the same thing and I don;t think you would want to read on. So, I’ll just leave you a beautiful cover of  Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up by Alyssa Bernal (she did an awesome job as always), a record on repeat for these past few days.

Hello 2012!

Spent my 1st day of 2012 @ work. I guess it means I’ll be working the entire year? Then, bring it on! But, Surgical ICU, please always be good to me this 2012~

No photos to post so I think I’ll share this video to all of you. Krissy, Ericka and AJ Rafael doing a cover of Taylor Swift’s Sparks Fly, love the cover, love them!! They will be doing series of concerts in southeast asia, landing in the Philippines on the 18th. Gaaaah, I wish Manila was just a drive away.. *le sigh* Well enjoy guys!  Let the sparks fly! ♥