Full belly

Ever since Mom got here about a week ago, we have been eating non-stop. :D She is the best cook ever and I don’t think I can learn how she cooks/bakes all the good stuff she does because that’s how awesome of a cook my Inah (Mom) is. It’s definitely one of the numerous talents I wish I got from her. Nonetheless, I have been watching her every time she’s in the kitchen and being the visual learner that I am (and of course, with enough cooking/baking practice) I hope I get to be just like my Mom. *wishful thinking*

Just to give you how full our bellies are, let me enumerate what we have been eating for the past week:

1. Seafood

If there’s probably one food group that our family can’t live without, it’s seafood~ I love fish (fried, soup, grilled), shells (all types), crabs (my favorite is the Curacha crab or the spanner/red frog crab which is a delicacy here in Zamboanga City), shrimp (my family’s ultimate favorite, not so much for me though), seaweed (not the processed agar-agar) and of course, sea urchin! :) Yes, sea urchin is edible. It tastes sweet mostly, and is served raw.


2. Chicken

Fried and barbecued chicken, enough said. I mean who doesn’t  love chicken? Hahaha! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s lunch. I bought 3 kilos of chicken (btw, I am cooking for  12-15 people who enjoys eating a lot XD) today and we’ll be having chicken barbecue tomorrow!


3. Sweets

My Tita is also an awesome baker and recently, she made us chocolate cake! After eating a slice, it was sooooo good that I decided to have another one and another one.. 3 slices in 5 minutes. I felt guilty after eating too much sweet, but I got over it and ate one more slice. And I think we have ice cream downstairs.. *winks*


There you have it. Now you can imagine the relationship my family and I have with food. XD Kidding aside, I love it every time my Inah and Mmah (Dad) are here. It’s always a time to eat, laugh, share and talk about how all of us are doing. Basically, food brings us together and every moment I get to spend with my family, with or without food, is always a treasure. *happy*

P.S. I want to cook carbonara for my family. Anyone who happens to have a carbonara ala pinoy recipe they can share? Please? I would love you to the moon and back!

All photos are not mine. Linked appropriately.



11 thoughts on “Full belly

  1. Ha ha, my mom also made so much of food this weekend! It was crazy how much I ate. But it was Christmas week/weekend so we’re allowed to :p

    I can relate to the chocolate cake situation… I ate too much cake whereas I was only ever meant to eat two slices!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and enjoy the last week of 2011 :)

  2. Same here, my mom is really a good cook! :) I wish also that I will inherit her talent in cooking. hehehe. Wow, you have really lots of foods there, ahhh, holidays :D The seafoods are loooove specially the shrimps/sugpo!

  3. Sad to say that my mom doesn’t even know how to cook food haha but there’s been plenty of food here around the house so I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up gaining a few pounds thanks to the Christmas season -_- Hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

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