Sugar rush!

When my Tita got home from her 1-day training in Manila, she gave us this box of Krispy Kreme! Yes, you’re right, it was my first Krispy Kreme ever! *huge smile*

Look what we have here! n_______n

And then there were 4.. I got dibs on that snow man donut!

How was your weekend, guys? Hope you had a yummy one, too! ;)


7 thoughts on “Sugar rush!

  1. wahhh krispy kreame donuts~~~~~~~~~ super jelly! those loook so good..*stomach growls**

    my weekend has been lousy…studying for finals…though this is the last week, thank goodness!

  2. OMG! They design of krispykreme is so cute!Lovely donuts. Parang kung ako yan di ko makakakin yung snowman donut haha. Picturean ko mun abaog ko kainin.:)) Nagcrave tuloy ako! ^^

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