Wanted: A Perfect Planner for 2012

I can already smell 2012 and thus, the hunt for the perfect planner has begun. n___n I want something spacious where I can really write my to-do list and add journal entries; and also I want something that looks fun.  So, I have been Google-ing and have found these:

Paulo Coelho’s Moments, 2012 Diary. The cover art is sooo pretty and I fell in love with it in an instant. I am a huge fan of Paulo Coleho and I would LOVE to have this diary. It is actually filled with inspirational quotes from his novels. I have been trying to have a peek inside this but I can’t seem to find anyone who has photos. :s


Filed 2012. It’s fun and spacious. It even comes with a free pen bandolier (helps holds your pens). And look, it has a cute daily mood indicator and a must see places, movies, restaurants and books for 2012 page. Adorbs!


The Handy Dandy 2012, Oh! Snap. I love the cover art, and it’s also very spacious. And this one’s very affordable. *huge smile*

Help me decide. Please?

All photos linked.


13 thoughts on “Wanted: A Perfect Planner for 2012

  1. i love the 2nd two but i may be a little biased because i could see the contents inside it XD the first one is nice but i feel if it’s a planner which will be written in and used, the cover would serve better as a poster or something hhehe

  2. Ang cute naman ng mga planner na yan. Kung meron ako nyan malamang di ko masusulatan kasi manghihinayang ako pag nababoy ko hahaha
    Pero ako I am not really into planners. I’ve tried, pero hindi ko rin nasusunod planner ko hehe. Goodluck sa paghahanap ng planner :)

  3. I bought Paulo Coelho’s Diary on a whim and though I love it, it’s not really much as a planner. As suggested, it’s more of a diary. It’s like a book with semi-glossy pages na para kang mahihiya magsulat kung hindi maganda handwriting mo. =)

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