Yung feeling na..


Got the news last Sunday after having the worst week of my existence. :s 800 nurses submitted their resumes, 600 got called for the interview and 140 were chosen to make up the RN Heals (hospital based) program. Yes, one hundred forty out of eight hundred. o______o

Basically, RN Heals or Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service is a joint program by the Department of Health, Department of Labor and Employment, and for this case, Zamboanga City Medical Center, to address the alarming rate of unemployed nurses in the country by hiring nurses thru proper screening and evaluation.

Just like the previous batch, we will be under a contract for a year, and may possibly be hired, In Shaa Allah, by the mentioned hospital based on one’s performance. Eeeek! I am excited and nervous all at once. Being a nurse is  quite a challenge, but  in my best Barney Stinson voice, I say, “Challenge accepted!

Right now, I’m very busy getting a second valid ID and completing the lab workups. Just getting all the requirements done ASAP. Well, it is gonna be a looooooooooong, tiiiiiiiiiiiiiring day tomorrow.. But this time I know it’s sooo worth it!

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10 thoughts on “Yung feeling na..

  1. Congratulations! I understand how you must be feeling. My sister graduated in 2009 and it is only this year that she finally landed a real nursing job, a job that pays. I am pretty sure that with all the hard work, you will be get hired. Good luck!

    • Kudos to your sister! :)) It’s a tough world out there because there’s a pool of unemployed nurses hungry to get a REAL nursing job, so for us to be hired (finally), it is such a wonderful blessing!

  2. nice congrats!! alagaan mo padin health mo once you are working na! :D I’m happy for you, ngayon may pagkakaabalahan ka na na alam kong love mo as a profession :D

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