“Forever is only the beginning..”

Who’s excited for Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 1? I know I am! *huge smile* I have read the series and to be honest, I prefer the books over the movies but Breaking Dawn is my favorite among the 4 books, so I’ll try not to compare. *winks*

My cousin and I will make sure we get in the first screening on Friday. IT. IS. A. MUST.

And for my fellow Twi-hards, here’s the official trailer of Breaking Dawn, enjoy!


Photo and video not mine. Photo credits linked. Embedded video linked.



6 thoughts on ““Forever is only the beginning..”

  1. was not really excited to watch this movie. Twilight lang yung napanood ko, you know, the first one lol… i’m pretty sure twilight fans are looking forward with this one..

  2. Andaming nanunuod and the past few days, puro nalang Breaking Dawn pinapalabas sa cinemas haha. Wala nang ibang movies eh, puro yun lang so i’m pretty much forced to watch it also :p I don’t mind, though. Hehe. Napanuod ko naman yung first few movies e :D

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