Epic. Awesome. Random.


I knew today was gonna be a loooong day but I didn’t think it was gonna be one of those epic/awesome/random days of my life. XD

  • First day of MAN class at Ateneo de Zamboanga University  
             I came in 30 minutes late (not the best way to meet your professor) because I passed by Zamboanga City Medical Center to get my number for the job interview later that afternnon. Good thing, our professor wasn’t there yet. *awesome* Then tadaaaa, high school crush was sitting there playing with his tablet. o_____o We can’t be groupmates, I whispered. As in hindi pwede. :s After all those years, I still get nervous and shy around him. *ughhh* Then Psych prof came in and discussed how things are gonna be this semester, asked us to form groups of 4, and.. laaaa, WE ARE NOT GROUPMATES. Epic! Dismissed an hour early, and decided to change my 4-7pm MAJOR subject and get Advanced Technical Writing instead. Met up with my cousin, and had lunch.

  • Job Interview
             3rd to be interviewed. Palms were sweaty. Shortness of breath. Tachycardia. Number 3 was asked to come in…. InshaAllah.

  • Hijabi ♥
              Since re-discovering my faith, and finding Allah swt in my heart, I have wanted to cover up. I actually bought my first hijab yesterday, and tried it on. Being able to wear the hijab because I know I had to in the name of Allah swt, I felt free, to be honest.. I told grandmom, granddad and aunts, and they were like, “Din, sure ka?,” and I was like, “DEFINITELY.”

Alhamdulillah, I am a hijabi.  ♥  May Allah swt continuously guide us towards the straight path.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, readers! *smile*

4 thoughts on “Epic. Awesome. Random.

  1. In the end, parang nasunod lahat ng gusto mo. 30 minutes late, walang prof. Di groupmates, di nga groupmates. Epic nga hahaha Shall I congratulate you for wearing jihab? :)

    And yey you’re back on wordpress! :D

  2. I’m so happy for you that you were able to rediscover your faith. Seems like I need to go on a retreat again to uplift my spirits. Too bad you were late for your first day but at least you had a valid excuse coz you came from the hospital diba? :)

  3. Wow, masteral ka na pala! Congrats :) And wow for your very busy day ha. Glad you overcome them. And wait, Din2 ba nickname mo? hehehe, Din2 rin kasi ako. :D

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